Thursday, March 7, 2013

Weaving Club

March 4th was the start of a new club at West Manheim. Mr. Olewiler organized a “Winter Weaving Club” in order to give students something to do after school during the cold winter months. At first thought, Mr. Olewiler was hoping to get 10-15 students to participate. On the first club day, over 100 students showed up! There were teachers, paraeducators, high school seniors, and parents there to help out with the first club day.

Each student was given a buckle and approximately 10 feet of paracord to construct a bracelet. The students ranged from grades 1st through 5th. Many of the students (and teachers) had a tough time getting started, but EVERYONE had a blast trying to create their own bracelet. Students young and old were helping one another and problem solving along the way. It was a great bonding activity for all involved.

The Weaving Club will meet once every three weeks and when asked how many students were planning to come back to the next meeting, even though they “didn’t get it,” almost all the hands went up the air. As an added surprise a reporter from The Evening Sun arrived with a photographer and covered the story for the paper. Students have been stopping Mr. O in the hallway and showing off their efforts of weaving daily. It is a great way to bridge the gap and create relationships with soon to be and former students of all the teachers involved.

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